Payment Terms


[Online Terms : 25% Standard]

“SG”, “we”, “us” = Serengeti Gallery | “You” “your” = The Buyer

By choosing the “Pay Over Time” option, you agree to a four-month plan, wherein you pay for your purchase 25% at a time, according to the following simple terms:

Complete your first payment online.  SG will process the three remaining payments on a recurring monthly basis. Pay-off your balance early with no penalties.  Retrieve your art once paid in full.  Change of heart? Send us a written request (email is fine) and we will issue you a full store credit.  Should you default on a payment, we will try again shortly thereafter.  SG reserves the right to refuse or reverse any sale based on its own discretion.

  • What if I want to change my billing date?  Automatic billing begins one month after your first transaction, on the same day of the month.  Contact us after you’ve made the first payment and we will make the adjustment on your account then send you an email confirmation.  Note – any adjustment should  allow for a second payment within a 31-day period.
  • What if I want to pay with something other than a credit card?  We understand!  Make arrangements by visiting us in-gallery.  You may call ahead to discuss your payment preference: 301.808.6987