Pumping Out The Speakers

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Good Working Music

Our creative projects vary extremely.  One day, we are hanging a small canvas painting on our wall, the next, we are designing a shadowbox for a treasured artifact.  A constant, however, is that nothing gets our creative juices flowing quite like a good record.  

Music is one of the most profound forms of art, and frankly one of our favorites.  Whether we’re on shuffle, or playing songs an album at a time, you can be sure something sweet is pumping out of our speakers.  

One of the treats about starting each day at the gallery is deciding which music to cue up.  We can create a cool jazzy atmosphere with the low hum of Nat King Cole’s sultry voice, or what feels like an Afrobeat dance party, courtesy of the booming vocals of Fela.


What genre of music do you like to play while you work?  Sound-off by leaving a comment below!

The Gallery Collection

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African Artifacts

“The art of Yoruba, Bantu and other African peoples is extraordinarily vigorous and shows a brilliant use of geometric form. ¬†The aesthetic impact of their works has been substantial, … with astonishing variety and expressive power of the art of a continent that contains more distinct peoples and cultures than any other.”

-Thames and Hudson

Man with Tools | BENIN

The collection features sculpture, including African statuettes and masks, also vintage dolls, bronzes and more. Browse a small selection below. See way more in person.


“African sculpture was scarcely known outside its own continent until late in the nineteenth century, but during the present century in liberating and refreshing effect on Western art has been immeasurable. African sculpture is highly developed and extremely sophisticated art form with thousands of years of history behind it… .”
-Frank Willett

Spanning over 20 countries and 200 years, our collection offers a hint about the past and begs a conversation on the present.

Bronze Statuette

Man Playing Flute, Bronze

Bronze Embossed Stool

Man on Head, Bronze

The Whistler, Shona

George Washington Carver Doll

Woman w Fruit

Wood Carved Stool

Horned Mask

Inquire Here:
301 808 6987


The Gallery

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Advocating for Art, Its Creators and Its Enthusiasts.  

Artwork That Reflects Its Creator

Feel at ease and shop conscious– Your purchase supports the artist who has created it.  We are your source for inspired decor, including statuettes sculptures and carvings, and wall art, like limited editions and originals.  Also see us for wearable art, like scarves, jewelry, and coats.

Artwork Purchased Through Fair or Direct Trade

Seeing is believing, so visit Tuesday thru Saturday, during gallery hours, or contact us to make an appointment for another time.

The Gallery is curated by Director, Wisson West. 

Framed Wall Art

Wearable Art

Wearable art by Lisa Bryant

Decor, Furnishings, & Unexpected Surprises

Comfy seats & ambiance