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Certificate or Degree Framing

Preserve Your Accomplishment for a Lifetime



Certificate Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Double Mat
  • Regular Glass
  • Black or Gold House Moulding
  • Filet
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Frames are hand-assembled and ready-for-the wall!

Early-Bird Tickets

TRIVIA NIGHT: Buy One, Get One 50% off!

Trivia Night is A Blast!

From Jermain Loguen to Jermaine Jackson, we cover the spectrum. So invite a friend and pit your wit for a good time, guaranteed! NEXT DATE: JULY 28th

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Product Specials

Show your Pan-African-Feminist style.
For each featured product sold, we will donate $2 to a school uniform fund for girls in Uganda.

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Beaded Wearables from Ghana

Visit to Purchase: Locate Us

Small Artisan Bracelet
$10 each

Artisan Clay Necklace
$15 each

Large Artisan Bracelet
$20 each

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Service vouchers are transferrable, and make great gifts for the professionals and artsy adults in your life.  “Get Deal” links allow you to acquire a voucher for a service, then redeem in person during the year.  The amount paid will never expire, so apply the amount to a future gallery service if not redeemed.  Limit 3 per customer, per offer.