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15 Ways to Decorate Your Small Space  

It’s the Way You Make it Into a Home…

When you are in a small space, you may not have the luxury of positioning all of your belongings at eye-level, but you can still decorate with love and intention. Pounce on commonly overlooked areas in your house to create golden opportunities.

Add flare and functionality to your kitchen with a designer pot rack.
Looks or functionality?  Both, please!

Mirror, Mirror…

Every Space Is An Opportunity

The space above your kitchen cabinets is prime real estate.  Create a mini-display of your sculptures or memorabilia.  Incorporating family heirlooms (like this cookie jar), gives your display an irresistible personal touch.  Choose your lineup carefully– chances are it will be here for a while!  Hint* Keep your air filters fresh and you won’t have to dust nearly as often.

PRO TIP: If the tops of your shelves are in poor condition, take a trip to your local hardware store, or Lowes (but #notHomeDepot!) and get a plank of wood.  Stain it the right color, then mini-display-away!

When it comes to small spaces, mirrors are a must! At least one for each room.  PRO TIP: For a touch of elegance, take your angular mirror to a custom framer and have them add an ornate moulding around its current frame.  With this enhancement, the mirror will be a chunky original statement piece that you will love to look at for years.

PRO TIP: Frame It, For Memory’s Sake!

On the Wall

Cluster small works with large ones.
Because abstracts can be interpreted from near or far, they make good choices for higher-up display.

Don’t limit you wall-art collection to the obvious.  Frame a postcard from a best friend, a patch of memorable fabric , or even a book.  Whether you want to be able to see both sides of the notecard, or take the book out for reading from time to time, ask your framer for a custom design that will suit your needs.

Interested in Collecting?

It can be way easier than you think!
Here are seven tips on how to get started.

Learn How

Discover Your Golden Opportunities

Optimize Your Space, Enhance Your Mood

Go on and fool yourself– hang a painting of an outdoor scene at eye-level by your main entrance. We love peaceful street scenes with lots of blue. Your mood will be affected by this image, so make it a nice one!

Eliminate Clutter

Instead of a stack of magazines, try hand-picked coasters for your tabletop.  Place the themed coasters on surfaces throughout the room for balance.

We love mini-originals over and around an entryway.  Depending on the size, you can get lots of wall art in this space.
Create the illusion of space by juxtaposing elements of various heights.
Create a faux-nook with just a few key elements, including a lamp with a warm white bulb, a comfy chair, a painting and a plant.
“Complete your nook with a space rug and unique side-table.”

Boldness Demands Precision

When it comes to wall-display, spacing and balance are everything. Take all measurements, but take no shortcuts! Know your numbers or ask an expert for help.

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