Got The Rhythm

Bright reds and oranges bounce around the jagged-edged paper, as swirls and stripes break up the pattern.  Alive with movement and action, the paper vibrates with a rhythm that defines it.  The image rests behind UV protective glazing, and is bordered by a double-mat and a chocolate 100% wood moulding.


Neon-colored vertical lines break up the blackness on the canvas.  Fabrics and straight lines define the image.  Linear abstract figures are painted on the canvas.  We have select a straight-forward black moulding to border the canvas.

Tribal Combs, X

The teeth of a traditional comb plunge dramatically through the canvas with bright yellows browns and oranges surrounding it. Immediately bordered by a thin angular gold moulding.

The Griots

Bright colors and cut-out shapes bounce around the canvas. Faces and profiles are subtly inserted in row-like fashion across the horizon of the canvas. In a deep shadowbox-style wood frame.