Visual Art Inspired By Music


Reflections of A New Age of Communication Technology

“The vibes, tones and rhythms of music have… strengthened my imagination as an artist”, reflects David McKenzie.  As he paints, his figures come to life with color and movement.  David often finds himself channeling the late 20th Century styles that he studied in school.  He uses his brush to systematically outline then fill-in each abstract form.  He will name this piece “The Wobble”, for the popular dance that has taken over lately.

“His pieces are… characterized by bold shapes and vibrant, luminous colors.”
“Hear My Call”
“David often finds himself channeling the late 20th Century styles…”
“My Brothers Keeper”

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Calling Heard

Upon his return from the Vietnam War, McKenzie returned to New York where he secured a job at Shorewood Publishing, an art reproduction house based in the city.  At Shorewood, he worked with lithographic reproductions of famous artists’ paintings.  It was during this time that McKenzie met Pablo Picasso.  David was deeply inspired by Picasso’s work and persona, and the chance encounter would fuel his drive to become a contemporary fine artist.


McKenzie now creates works to reflect a new age of communication technology, especially music.  He is partial to subjects which lend themselves to this very purpose. His pieces are strongly influenced by both graphical and fine art techniques, and characterized by bold shapes and vibrant, luminous colors.

David McKenzie’s artistic background traces to his teenage years, when he attended the first New York High School of Printing.  He continued studies at the New York Institute of Photography, and Columbia Broadcasting School, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Creative Arts from the State University of Old Westbury, Long Island.

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