Pointing to Consciousness, Light and Love


Trinidad-Born Artist Finds Inspiration in The Eastern Teachings

Carolyn Goodridge’s paintings have shown in The New York Guggenheim Museum. She is currently Executive Director at Art Impact, USA—a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating artists who enrich humanity.

“Zen-Calypso” is the term Goodridge uses to refer to her upbringing.  She describes it a rich mix of spirituality, dancing, music and color—all elements that seem to jump out from her canvas.  Yet, Carolyn Goodridge’s Dimensions of Being series is inspired by her love for quantum and theoretical physics.


Goodridge was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, to West Indian parents, where she lived as a baby.  By age four, she had immigrated to the United States.  By nineteen, she was widely read in Eastern philosophy and a rising star at Kwan Um School of Zen, where the study of Zen Mind and Zen Culture would impact her life profoundly.

“The Dimensions of Being series is inspired by Goodridge’s love of quantum and theoretical physics. “

Carolyn Goodridge creates art works which “point to consciousness, light and love”.  She captures a whirlwind that is space and time on her canvas.

Goodridge has earned degrees in painting from both the University of Florida and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.


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“She captures a whirlwind that is space and time on her canvas.”

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