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Shots from Havana


Brinille Eliane Ellis is a “Photo Griot”, capturing images which will communicate the subjects’ story.  Ellis’ primary purpose is to “visually create an emotional and artistic connection with each viewer”.

“Ellis’ work is influenced by the artists in her family, her ancestors and her experiences living and working in France, Senegal, Haiti, Belgium, Turkey and Pakistan.”



[gree-oh, gree-oh, gree-ot]
1.  (in Western Africa) a member of a caste responsible for maintaining an oral record of tribal history in the form of music, poetry, and storytelling

“Her images tell timeless stories of the celebration of culture, the range of our human emotions, the struggle for justice. …”

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“Havana School Days”

“Well-Traveled” would be the term for a person with as many stamps in their passport as Brinille Ellis. Senegal, Haiti, Pakistan, Turkey, France and Belgium, she easily shares memories of travels to each country; yet even despite her perpetual changes in zipcode, the focus of her camera lens remains fixed and true.

The primary purpose of Ellis’ work is to visually create an emotional and artistic connection with each viewer.

“Triumph over tragedy, the simplicity and complexity of our daily lives and the wonders of nature.”

Be it the simplicity of daily life, or the complex wonders of nature, our universal struggle for justice, or an uplifting tale of triumph over tragedy, Ellis’ eye is deliberate and keen. As time passes and sharp memories wane, her photos endure, each telling a timeless story of human emotion.
Besides travel experiences, Ellis points to artists and mentors in her family, crediting them as a source of inspiration and motivation.