The Art of Laurence Chandler

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Presenting the New Collection

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7919 Central Avenue | Capitol Heights, Maryland
301 808 6987

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“Colorful and uplifting, figurative and abstract.”

“Created with a mix of materials, including paint, fabric, wire, acrylic, paper and  found objects.”

“Inspired by some of his favorite artists – Sam Gilliam, Romare Bearden and Jackson Pollock.”

“To me, art is an adventure into an unknown world of the imagination. And, my goal is to capture the essence of things unseen, and to draw viewers into my magic circle of creation, allowing them to experience something of the thrill of ‘making,’ which once had been my privilege as an artist. The experience is both visceral and cerebral…explosively energetic and pensive. Like the early vanguard of Abstract Expressionists — among them, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko — I value spontaneity and improvisation, and accord the highest importance to process. The hallmark of my style is an emphasis on my own improvisational techniques, and expressionistic use of color, line, form, texture and space to represent things that are not visual such as an emotion, sound, place, event or spiritual experience. I am always exploring new avenues of expression and work with a variety of media — fabric, wire, acrylics, paper or found objects — which further enhances my expressionism. 

 I use both conventional painters’ tools — bristle brushes — and unconventional implements — spray bottles, hair combs and kitchen utensils. And, I have come to discover that my work relates to the rhythms and syncopations of free-form jazz and poetry, to visual ideas found in quotidian objects, and to various rhythms found in nature and the cosmos.”


LAURENCE CHANDLER  is a respected contemporary American abstract painter, recognized for his artistic intuition, improvisational and spontaneous technique, and expressionism.  His works seem to imitate free jazz and slam poetry– how they suggest narrative and provoke drama and human emotion.  Chandler’s canvases invite the viewer to become interwoven in each color-laced fiber.

"To me, art is an adventure into an unknown world of imagination." - L.C.

Photos from the Opening Reception

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Serengeti Gallery is thrilled to feature beautiful works, and introduce you to the artists who create them.

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There's nothing like the right mix of music, good people and beautiful art!
Get accustomed to having a good time at SG.

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Annual Lady’s Tea

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Thank You for Attending!

You Want Quality Time with The People you Love,

and you got it!

A few thoughtful program updates, a beautiful new floor-layout, and more surprises made this the best Lady’s Tea yet!  See you next Year 🙂

More Photos Here

Welcome to our Lady’s Tea, where daughters invite their mothers and aunts, and friends come to reconnect after too much time apart.  There will be icebreakers and a light-flowing program – so no worrying about awkward silences or unsavory conversation.  And speaking of savory, your mouth will water as you sample a scrumptious selection of breakfast fare, and savor slow sips of these tasty domestic and imported teas.

With Great Taste Comes Great Responsibility

Invite a special lady to share something special with you, lady!

If you invite a friend and arrive at different times, IT’S OKAY!  Seats are pre-assigned, so rest assured–  you will be seated together regardless.

How well do you know each other?  Play with friends at your table to find out.  If you are attending solo, you will make quick friends with the help of these fun icebreakers!

Several helping-hands will assist you from the door to your seat, and offer support as you go about enjoying your morning.

Have a seat, and sample some treats… right away! Your place setting includes finger foods and an assortment of refreshments, so you won’t have to wait to eat.

You Will Laugh. You May Cry. You Will Have An Enjoyably-Good Time!

You will get a kick out of this light program. It will move you through your morning at just the right pace.  We have included time for your most loved activities.


Finger Sandwiches & Wraps
Mini Salmon Cakes
Petit Pastries & Tarts
Fruit Parfaits
Assorted Cheese, Bread & Crackers


Assorted Hot Tea
Spiced East-African Tea
Sweet Tea
Strawberry Lemonade

You may fancy a string of pearls, gloves and a hat, or prefer yoga pants under a long knit sweater.  If you’re comfy, we’re comfy.

This year, we will have a grand time, seated at 6-foot banquet tables.  

Our theme-inspired decor and menu really set this tea party off right!

Do you have a question about this event?
Seats are limited.  Please make your reservations in advance.    The gallery is wheelchair-accessible, and ladies and girls of all ages are welcome to attend and enjoy the program.  Menu items may vary.

Learn Swahili with Friends– This Spring!

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Wanting to develop an African language skill? 
You are invited to join us for SWAHILI SATURDAYS!

Speak-Along Practice Exercises Below

Looking forward to visiting East Africa this October?


It’s Swahili Saturday

More Dates TBA
9:30 am  – 11:00 am

•  Introductions &•  Objectives

•  Call & Response

•  Vocabulary & Conjugations

•  Q&A

This class includes a bilingual forum on East African culture and travel!

About Your Instructor

Wisson West is the Director and Curator of Serengeti Gallery.  He is a former Peace Corps Volunteer, fluent Kiswahili speaker, and has 7+ years of working, living experience in Kenya, Tanzania Uganda, and other East African regions and countries.  More…

Practice at Home [Past Lessons]

Lesson 2: Speak-Along

Lesson 1: Speak-Along

Lesson 2: Read-Along

Lesson 1: Read-Along

The 2016 Unity Feast [Recap]

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See you next year for Umoja Karamu, celebrated annually at Serengeti Gallery!

View Event Pics & Videos on Instagram

We hope that you were energized by a hot meal, good company, and positive conversation!

UMOJA KARAMU – Sunday, November 27, 2016


What Exactly Is Umoja Karamu?
“Umoja Karamu” translates from Swahili to mean “Unity Feast”.  The holiday was celebrated for the first time in 1971, when a ceremony of five colors representing historical periods in African-American history, was introduced by Edward Simms, Jr.  The Feast is held the Sunday following Thanksgiving, and offers much more savory objective and back-story: to inject meaning and solidarity into the black family.

A Tradition of Uniting Over a Hot Meal.
We form powerful bonds over a Unity Feast, which honors our royal past and nourishes a promising future.  Join us for Umoja Karamu. #SGholiday

Do You Love Good Vibrations?
Bring your positive self and join us for the annual Unity Feast!  Make new friends, or meet-up with old.  PLUS, this year, fill your plate to selections on the balaphone, kalimba and more, by traditional Ghanaian percussionist, Nana Frimpong.  

Live Afro-Beats.
Nana Frimpong combines percussion and storytelling with an incredible poignance and grace.  Frimpong was cultivated to be a drummer from a young age by his grandfather.

A Ceremony.
Libations, along with a tasting and a reading, are part of the annual ceremony.

A Feast.
A colorful menu, including chicken, cornbread, fish, plantains, black eyed peas, and assorted desserts.

– The After-Party –

A Baby Dance Party followed the feast.  *Babies optional.


See you next year for Umoja Karamu, celebrated annually at Serengeti Gallery!