Visual Art Inspired By Music

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Reflections of A New Age of Communication Technology “The vibes, tones and rhythms of music have… strengthened my imagination as an artist”, reflects David McKenzie.  As he paints, his figures come to life with color and movement.  David often finds himself channeling the late 20th Century styles that he studied in school.  He uses his brush to […]

Pointing to Consciousness, Light and Love

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Trinidad-Born Artist Finds Inspiration in The Eastern Teachings Carolyn Goodridge’s paintings have shown in The New York Guggenheim Museum. She is currently Executive Director at Art Impact, USA—a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating artists who enrich humanity. “Zen-Calypso” is the term Goodridge uses to refer to her upbringing.  She describes it a rich mix of […]

PGCPS Retiree Discovers a New Passion

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Retired PGCPS Specialist Finds A New Calling Constance E. Moore, a former a Prince George’s County Reading Specialist and Test Coordinator, says she has always had a passion for trying new things.  So perhaps it is no surprise that her life-long appreciation for art in all mediums and types led her to begin painting seriously […]