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Service Specials

Purchase a service voucher now, then redeem at any time of the year.

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Certificate or Degree Framing

Preserve Your Accomplishment for a Lifetime



Certificate Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Double Mat
  • Regular Glass
  • Black or Gold House Moulding
  • Filet
Get Deal!

Frames are hand-assembled and ready-for-the wall!

Early-Bird Tickets

TRIVIA NIGHT: Buy One, Get One 50% off!

Trivia Night is A Blast!

From Jermain Loguen to Jermaine Jackson, we cover the spectrum. So invite a friend and pit your wit for a good time, guaranteed! NEXT DATE: JULY 28th

Use coupon code “GARVEY” at checkout

Product Specials

Show your Pan-African-Feminist style.
For each featured product sold, we will donate $2 to a school uniform fund for girls in Uganda.

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Beaded Wearables from Ghana

Visit to Purchase: Locate Us

Small Artisan Bracelet
$10 each

Artisan Clay Necklace
$15 each

Large Artisan Bracelet
$20 each

Service Promotion Details

Service vouchers are transferrable, and make great gifts for the professionals and artsy adults in your life.  “Get Deal” links allow you to acquire a voucher for a service, then redeem in person during the year.  The amount paid will never expire, so apply the amount to a future gallery service if not redeemed.  Limit 3 per customer, per offer.

Volunteer In Your Community

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Cool Events, Real Contributions

As a member of our Special Events team, you ensure the smooth flow of particular event elements, like set-up, check-in, art services, and more.


View 2017 Vacancies Below.
For further assistance, contact:

May 13th
9:00 am – 2:00 pm : Setup, Check-In & Guest Services
9:30 am – 11:30 am : April 15 | May 20 | June 15

New Additions for The Spring [2017]

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Pictured: Marvin Omede | Contemporary Nigerian | Acrylic on Canvas


It is a new season of colorful art!  Check out some of our newest acquisitions.  We will be updating this page throughout the season, so you may want to bookmark it (ctrl + d).

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William Tolliver

*NEW* “Emerald” | Contemporary American | Limited Giclee

Joseph Holston

*NEW* “My Guy” | Contemporary American | Mixed-Media on Canvas

Frankie Alikum

*NEW* Contemporary Nigerian | Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Unknown

*NEW* Contemporary Nigerian | Abstract


These pieces are available in the gallery, but you can reach us here from home.

Inquire Here

Call: 301.808.6987
Visit: 7919 Central Ave., Capitol Heights, MD

Wynston Edun

Contemporary Nigerian | Acrylic on Canvas

Larry Chandler

Contemporary American | Mixed-Media on Canvas

Like what you see?
For more information or to express interest, reach us here.  Each of these pieces is beautifully framed and available in the gallery.

Trivia Night is A Blast!

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Next Trivia date: TBA

“The King of The Underground Railroad”


Ready. Set? Pit Your Wit!

All ages are welcome!  All are guaranteed a good time!  Dust-off your race cards!  We are competing to see which team knows the most about black-past and present facts.  From Michelle Obama to Kevin Clash, Jermain Loguen to Jermaine Jackson, we cover the spectrum.  And we have a good time, guaranteed!

Invite A Friend!


JERMAIN LOGUEN was a Conductor of the Underground Railroad, credited with aiding, abetting and lodging some 1,500 fleeing blacks (many in his own home).  And he was bold about it.  Loguen was outspoken and forthcoming about his activities even while he engaged in them.  His name rang bells throughout New York, where he lived with his family.  Today, his Syracuse residence has been transformed… into a Rite Aid. But while we cannot restore his residence (or can we?), we can teach ourselves about the man and preserve his story.  Thank you, Mr. Loguen– We Is Free Now! 🙂  And if you feel like getting your bio-on, That Is Free Now, Also!


 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Sign-in, fix a plate and wet your whistle, as you form your winning team.

• 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Game on! Pit your knowledge against other teams in four (4) spirited rounds of assorted trivia from the past and present.

More Dates:






•  ”Excellent!”

•  “Wow!!!!! The event was so educational, interesting and fun. The people were down to earth and the staff set the bar for the atmosphere.”


•  “Great food and awesome environment. I have shared my experience with several friends since last night. Looking forward to the next session. Thank you!”

• “Had a blast!”

•”I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself” 🙂

Annual Lady’s Tea

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Thank You for Attending!

You Want Quality Time with The People you Love,

and you got it!

A few thoughtful program updates, a beautiful new floor-layout, and more surprises made this the best Lady’s Tea yet!  See you next Year 🙂

More Photos Here

Welcome to our Lady’s Tea, where daughters invite their mothers and aunts, and friends come to reconnect after too much time apart.  There will be icebreakers and a light-flowing program – so no worrying about awkward silences or unsavory conversation.  And speaking of savory, your mouth will water as you sample a scrumptious selection of breakfast fare, and savor slow sips of these tasty domestic and imported teas.

With Great Taste Comes Great Responsibility

Invite a special lady to share something special with you, lady!

If you invite a friend and arrive at different times, IT’S OKAY!  Seats are pre-assigned, so rest assured–  you will be seated together regardless.

How well do you know each other?  Play with friends at your table to find out.  If you are attending solo, you will make quick friends with the help of these fun icebreakers!

Several helping-hands will assist you from the door to your seat, and offer support as you go about enjoying your morning.

Have a seat, and sample some treats… right away! Your place setting includes finger foods and an assortment of refreshments, so you won’t have to wait to eat.

You Will Laugh. You May Cry. You Will Have An Enjoyably-Good Time!

You will get a kick out of this light program. It will move you through your morning at just the right pace.  We have included time for your most loved activities.


Finger Sandwiches & Wraps
Mini Salmon Cakes
Petit Pastries & Tarts
Fruit Parfaits
Assorted Cheese, Bread & Crackers


Assorted Hot Tea
Spiced East-African Tea
Sweet Tea
Strawberry Lemonade

You may fancy a string of pearls, gloves and a hat, or prefer yoga pants under a long knit sweater.  If you’re comfy, we’re comfy.

This year, we will have a grand time, seated at 6-foot banquet tables.  

Our theme-inspired decor and menu really set this tea party off right!

Do you have a question about this event?
Seats are limited.  Please make your reservations in advance.    The gallery is wheelchair-accessible, and ladies and girls of all ages are welcome to attend and enjoy the program.  Menu items may vary.

Gallery Events Assistant [Internship]

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Beautiful Celebrations

Are You The One?

This is an excellent opportunity to expand a portfolio and establish a track-record as a professional event coordinator.  We are looking for a highly self-motivated, organized and detail-oriented professional with relevant experience who is ready to create and manage engaging and successful events at the gallery.  This person is excited about working independently, is flexible to a rapidly changing environment, and has a can-do, proactive attitude.

About the Internship


You will create and contribute to thoughtful private and community events at the gallery, resulting in happy clients and repeat visits.  In particular, your responsibilities would include…

  • Connector.

    Private Event Booking

    Prepare and analyze creative customer proposals | Facilitate introductions with private event hosts (ensuring all arrangements are agreeable prior to functions) | Respond to and attempt to fulfill any special client requests

  • Connector.

    Event Planning & Vendor Coordination

    Create and manage event budget | Analyze event proposals, following-up where necessary to ensure flawless logistics and sufficient resources | Make, confirm and facilitate plans for moving event parts (including: set-up, timelines, guest list, special needs, buffet & action station location, etc.)

  • Connector.

    Event Hosting

    Attend all gallery events | Welcome, acknowledge and thank guests with genuine appreciation| Anticipate and address guests’ service needs | Assist guests with gallery products and purchases

  • Connector.

    Sales & Marketing

    Drive product sales and private event bookings through merchandising and outreach to the community | Conduct and promote campaigns to book corporate, group, family, and other special events

Now Accepting Applications

No over-the-phone assistance available.

 ‰ Cover Letter  ‰ Resume  ‰ References

Sound Like Someone You Know?

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Develop Your Portfolio

As you ensure a thoughtful layout and customer satisfaction at each event, we will happily help you establish or grow your professional events portfolio.  That means client and guest reviews, high-definition photos, and a letter of recommendation.


  • Personal Expense Stipend (up to $200/ month)
  • Professional Portfolio Assistance


  • 4-Month Internship
  • Opportunity for Advancement


  • Gallery Events Calendar
  • Start Soon


The ideal candidate demonstrates proficiency in the following four areas:

  • Connector.


    COMMUNICATION – Diligent about checking-in for and with timely updates | Able to receive and read information in a variety of formats (e.g., small print, computer screen, phone screen, etc.) | Incredibly thoughtful and well-written | Able to establish report with a diverse clientele | Keeps organized records for reporting & archive

  • Connector.


    PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Develop and manage to-do lists and set-up events 24-hours prior | Maintain the confidentiality of proprietary information | Protect company assets | TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY – Ability to learn and navigate new software

  • Connector.


    EVENT LOGISTICS – Program layout and execution | Floor Plans: chairs & table setup, centerpieces & décor, etc. | Basic Audio-Visual Setup | Food and Beverage Setup and Service

  • Connector.


    MOVEMENT – Lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 40 pounds without assistance | Reach overhead and below the knees, including bending, twisting, pulling, and stooping | Stand, sit, or walk for an extended period

Art Service Assistant [Internship]

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Service and Artistic Display

Are You The One?

We are looking for a highly entrepreneurial and motivated team member who will take ownership of certain customer service and artistic display opportunities in the gallery.  Please be organized, enthusiastic, and able to see opportunities in obstacles.  The ideal candidate has an understanding and appreciation of art and a passion for building a community of the most inspirational people.


Create and contribute to a thoughtful, welcoming, neat,  and sales-friendly environment in the gallery, that results in happy clients and repeat visits.  In particular, your responsibilities would include…

  • Connector.

    Sales & Marketing

    Assist Walk-In Customers | Assist Customers Over the Phone | Respond to, Relay, or Attempt to Fulfill any Special Client Requests

  • Connector.

    Display & Merchandising

    Drive Sales through Product Merchandising | Straighten, Dust and Care for Art | Assist with Gallery Promotions and Campaigns

  • Connector.

    General Office Duties

    Organize | Straighten-Up | Check Mail | Restock & Order Office Supplies, Lunch, etc.


  • Connector.

    Interpersonal Skills

    Flexible | Optimistic and Persistent | Lifelong Learner and Avid Reader | People-Person

  • Connector.

    Professional Skills

    Knack for Spatial Relations and Décor | Well-Versed in Afrocentric Art and Culture | Computer Proficient: Internet, Email, Microsoft Office | Ability to Work with New Software

  • Connector.


    Lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 40 pounds without assistance | Reach overhead and below the knees, including bending, twisting, pulling, and stooping | Stand, sit, or walk for an extended period

Now Accepting Applications

No over-the-phone assistance available.
 ‰ Cover Letter  ‰ Resume  ‰ References

Sound Like Someone You Know?

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About the Internship

Develop Your Skill Set

Let’s explore your unique qualifications to pinpoint a special project that inspires you, and adds value to our business and community.  We are passionate about supporting you as you express your creative talents, and encourage you to do so as an integral part of your internship.


  • Professional Portfolio Assistance, plus
  • $200 Monthly Stipend, or
  • Art Voucher (upon completion of internship)


  • 4-Month Internship
  • Intern-to-Employment Opportunity


  • 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Two Days, Weekly: Wednesday | Friday | Saturday
  • Plus One Gallery Event Each Month

Team Members Wanted – View Openings

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Cultivate Your Own Beautiful Experience

View Open Positions Below.  No over-the-phone assistance available.

Enthusiasm Welcome

Harness your special gifts and interests, bring them to Serengeti Gallery, and let’s team-up to support the local and global community.  Every day is a celebration of life and a rich cultural inheritance.

We depend on each team member’s unique contribution to make real progress towards our collective goals.

Do These Characteristics Describe You or Someone You Know?
Timely | Efficient | Proactive | Responsive | Daring | Confident | Friendly | Optimistic | Well-Written | Facilities Manager | Artistic | Avid Learner | Competent | Welcoming | Observant | Curious | Discreet | Eloquent | Smart | Helpful | Well-Rounded

What We Believe

As a team, we share a passion for art, culture and lifelong education.  We believe in personal integrity, accountability and ownership, and value being on time, every time.   Most importantly, we depend on each team member’s unique contribution to make real progress towards our collective goals.


Art Gallery Intern

View Position Details

2-Days/Week | Monthly Stipend

This role calls for someone with a good eye for design and a working knowledge of art.  The ideal candidate is an outstanding communicator who works effectively with minimal supervision, and puts a little bit of “happy” in everything they do.
Position Start: Immediately

Special Events Intern

View Position Details

Gallery Events | Monthly Stipend

This role calls for someone who is well-organized, timely, and incredibly well-written.  An ability to take the lead and provide high-quality service to a diverse clientele is what makes you the perfect fit!
Position Start: Immediately

Serengeti Gallery is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind: There is no room at Serengeti Gallery for any person who perpetuates discrimination or harassment. All of our employment decisions are based on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion or belief, national, social or ethnic origin, sex (including pregnancy), age, physical, mental or sensory disability, HIV Status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital, civil union or domestic partnership status, past or present military service, family medical history or genetic information, family or parental status, or any other status protected by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate. SG encourages applicants of all ages.

Learn Swahili with Friends– This Spring!

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Wanting to develop an African language skill? 
You are invited to join us for SWAHILI SATURDAYS!

Speak-Along Practice Exercises Below

Looking forward to visiting East Africa this October?


It’s Swahili Saturday

More Dates TBA
9:30 am  – 11:00 am

•  Introductions &•  Objectives

•  Call & Response

•  Vocabulary & Conjugations

•  Q&A

This class includes a bilingual forum on East African culture and travel!

About Your Instructor

Wisson West is the Director and Curator of Serengeti Gallery.  He is a former Peace Corps Volunteer, fluent Kiswahili speaker, and has 7+ years of working, living experience in Kenya, Tanzania Uganda, and other East African regions and countries.  More…

Practice at Home [Past Lessons]

Lesson 2: Speak-Along

Lesson 1: Speak-Along

Lesson 2: Read-Along

Lesson 1: Read-Along

Photos from East Africa

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Our guides traveled to East Africa on an exploratory fun-filled escapade.  They are going back this year, and you can too (information here)!

About The Album
 Tour Guides featured in the album:  Wisson West, Judith Lynch, Lloyd Lynch.    
• The photos were captured by Lloyd.  
Images taken in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar in November, 2016.   
 We travel again on October 20th, 2017.  

Farewell, President Obama

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Preserving the Legacy of Our 44th President

The conversation in the media may change, but the truth will not.
Hold on to these special moments, with a wall calendar, coffee-table book, or your own cherished memory, and keep smiling. Each gift is a photo remembrance of our 44th President, his historical campaign, and his beautiful family.

Beautiful Reminders that Inspire & Endure



25% Off

Custom Framing Orders

Bring in your OBAMA memorabilia, and together we will create a beautiful custom design, perfect for your home or workplace.

Here’s The Deal

Limited-Time Online Shopping Experience

Free Gift with Pick-Up!

Complete your order online then pick it up in-store for a free gift!  

Worth a Thousand Words…


A powerful and eloquent compilation of words and images, by Kevin Merida and Deborah Willis.

Through 150 striking color photographs, Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs charts the road to Barack Obama’s nomination as the first African American to lead the presidential ticket of a major party.

The Campaign, In Photographs

Buy Here / More Info

Twelve More Months!


2017 Official White House Calendar

“Our First Family” commemorative calendar, with a historical fact on each day.

 Remembering, always, the way they were — the 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama — 2017 Our First Family Family Farewell Edition Official White House Calendar. T

Buy Here / More Info

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

44-Ever President

Open Edition poster of the 44th President waving to a crowd of hopeful supporters.  Photo taken in 2008 in Chicago.

Buy Here / More Info

Your Gift With Pick-Up

“Asante” means “Thank You”
Purchase online and pick-up in-store, for a free thank you gift from the land of Obama:
A set of three (3) notecards designed and created by Kenyan artists.


Don’t Keep it  Secret… Tell a Friend!

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Lady’s Sip & Paint [Recap]

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Thank You for Attending!

If you are sure to sign-up for our mailing list, we promise to send you cool emails with information on upcoming events at the gallery.  Sign up below.

Tag Us in Your Event Pics:

#SerengetiGallery #BlackArtMatters

Friday Night = Girls Night

There was no experience necessary, so we had a fun mix of  skill levels.  We gaily sipped cocktails and visited with good friends.  At the end of the night, each woman had created a beautifully artistic painting, fit for more than a passing memory.  “I know exactly which wall this going on”, said one guest.

And so, with no hidden costs, and the option to leave with a framed wall-ready piece, this night was a carefree experience in self-expression, art, and sister-love.

About the Guest Artist

Jimise Winston’s portraits are larger than life.  She has mastered a preferred medium and technique, and her passion for the African & African-American culture reverberates from each chocolate layer of her acrylic paint.  (full article…)

Thank You for Letting Your Inner-Artist Come Out To Play!

From The Runway to The Wall

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From Model to Visual Artist, Pam Moultrie has Dedicated Her Life to Art

Pam Moultrie began her career in the arts as a model.  She was five years old. She has since specialized in fashion design, large-scale mural, and faux paint treatment, and is now applying her talents to canvas.  Oh, and at age 56, she is still ripping the runway.

“She has specialized in fashion design, large-scale mural, and faux paint treatment.”

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Fashion Forward

Moultrie has dedicated her life to creating. She opened a clothing company, “Nubiance”, in 1986, while studying Fashion Design at the University of the District of Columbia.

Then, resolving to incorporate her passions for artistic expression and interior design, she formed IWS, Interiors With Style, less than ten years later.  She enjoys the hands-on nature of her work.  She graces walls with colorful creations, and can’t resist adding texture along the way.  Abstracts, portraits, and landscapes are among her favorite subjects to depict on canvas.

Moultrie currently resides in Maryland, and is a Fashion and Style writer for “Quiet On The Set” magazine. Her original works and commissions can be found in homes and collections throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

The Muhammad Family Practice

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Nazirah Is Finding Her Own Way to Help The Family Practice Grow Stronger

Her mother could not be prouder as she snaps a picture of the 21-year old Nazirah Muhammad, posing expertly in front of her framed artworks. Nazirah is from just outside of Washington, DC, and she has been surrounded by creativity since she was a young girl.

“She is already working to combine the healing power of food and art to help those in need.”


Muhammad comes by her creative spirit honestly—both of her parents are artists.  Now, at the age of 21, Nazirah has resolved to channel creativity into all that she does.  Her work has shown in various exhibits, and she works to explore and perfect her personal artistic style, fearlessly debuting new pieces, and listening to feedback.

“Nazirah has resolved to channel creativity into all that she does.”

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Nazirah is currently in school at Montgomery college, and on track for a degree in Agriculture Science.  She is already working to combine the healing power of food and art to help those in need.

Two Cultures, One Distinct Style

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Dilip Sheth Identifies Ethiopian and American Influences in Contemporary Art

Sheth’s reverence for beauty is obvious.  What may be less apparent are the specific influences of the divergent cultures in which he has lived.

Gallery Owner and artist residing in Maryland, Dilip Sheth immigrated to the U.S. in 1980.

“The world he sees becomes a new world on canvas.”

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Born and raised in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Dilip’s early exposure to African art is the foundation of his distinct style—the warm, balancing tones on his palette.

The heavy outlines that identify a Dilip Sheth painting, are his commentary on Western culture’s emphasis on individuality.

The subjects of Sheth’s paintings characteristically take-on slightly surreal proportions within an everyday setting, as the world he sees becomes a new world on canvas. Faces and elements become familiar, and often reappear in later compositions.

“Sheth’s reverence for beauty is obvious…”

Visual Art Inspired By Music

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Reflections of A New Age of Communication Technology

“The vibes, tones and rhythms of music have… strengthened my imagination as an artist”, reflects David McKenzie.  As he paints, his figures come to life with color and movement.  David often finds himself channeling the late 20th Century styles that he studied in school.  He uses his brush to systematically outline then fill-in each abstract form.  He will name this piece “The Wobble”, for the popular dance that has taken over lately.

“His pieces are… characterized by bold shapes and vibrant, luminous colors.”
“Hear My Call”
“David often finds himself channeling the late 20th Century styles…”
“My Brothers Keeper”

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Calling Heard

Upon his return from the Vietnam War, McKenzie returned to New York where he secured a job at Shorewood Publishing, an art reproduction house based in the city.  At Shorewood, he worked with lithographic reproductions of famous artists’ paintings.  It was during this time that McKenzie met Pablo Picasso.  David was deeply inspired by Picasso’s work and persona, and the chance encounter would fuel his drive to become a contemporary fine artist.


McKenzie now creates works to reflect a new age of communication technology, especially music.  He is partial to subjects which lend themselves to this very purpose. His pieces are strongly influenced by both graphical and fine art techniques, and characterized by bold shapes and vibrant, luminous colors.

David McKenzie’s artistic background traces to his teenage years, when he attended the first New York High School of Printing.  He continued studies at the New York Institute of Photography, and Columbia Broadcasting School, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Creative Arts from the State University of Old Westbury, Long Island.

How A High School Art Project Changed Tony Spencer’s Life

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Passionate Singer Turned Passionate Visual Artist

During his childhood, Tony formally played seven musical instruments. He recorded his first song when he was in junior high; and in high school, he proclaimed music to be “the art dearest to his heart”.  Spencer continued singing with local gospel and R&B singing groups.

“Spencer’s greatest inspirations are Jacob Lawrence, Alonzo Davis, and Salvador Dali.”

Tony Jerome Spencer was raised in rural Anne Arundel County, in Maryland, and nurtured by a community of relatives, including mother, father, and six siblings.  The men in his family were longshoreman, farmers, and hunters, while women, including his mother, were domestic workers and private nurses.

“From the outset, Tony’s artistic creations have been abstract.”

Spencer’s greatest inspirations are Jacob Lawrence, Alonzo Davis, and Salvador Dali.

From the outset, Tony’s artistic creations have been abstract.  He was content to channel his creative energy into his vocals, until his high school art teacher assigned him an inspiring project.  He picked up a paintbrush and has not looked back.  His early works were created on muslin, using latex paint as a base, and acrylic to finish.

Recent Exhibitions: City of Annapolis in City Hall, 49 WEST Gallery and Winebar, Grandiosity 2-The Private Jet Hanger Event, BWI, Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center, and the Northern Arundel Cultural Arts Society Events.

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