Shona stone exhibit

The Masters of Stone

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Zimbabwean Sculpture

Set the mood– try playing this video while browsing! 


About the Reception

2017 Opening Reception

Meet friends met for an afternoon of art, culture and ambiance, taking in the beauty of Shona stone sculpture.









Collector and exhibition curator, Jeff Brown, addressed guests, describing the creative processes of sculpting stone, as practiced by the Shona people.  Following his presentation, Brown joined browsing guests, pointing out hidden features in a stone, or sharing a personal anecdote about one of the sculptors.

Shona Carvings


Shona people began carving stones more than 2,000 years ago.

Full Sun Head, Chiwawa
Full Sun Head, Chiwawa



It has been documented that the Shona people began carving stones more than 2000 years ago. Originally, the Shona people would carve to express both personal and spiritual beliefs. Shona sculptures demonstrate the unity between two worlds, the physical and the spiritual. These incredible stone carvers hold firm to the belief that every stone and every thing has a life spirit. It is that “life spirit” that influences what sculpture that stone will become and the job of the artist is to “release the spirit from the stone”.





The Tengenenge Arts Community – Zimbabwe 

Several of our featured artists were in one way or another, affiliated with the Tengenenge Arts Community. This sculpting community was founded in 1966, as sanctions were put into effect on selling tobacco. See a brief video about this community by clicking on the image to the left.


About the Sculptors


The pieces in this exhibit were all formed from Zimbabwean Master Carvers – with the exception of Fanizani Akuda, who is a native son of Zambia. Many of the featured artists are self-taught, although some have learned through the generations. Shona stone sculptures have become renown around the world for both their artistic impression, as well as the distinct beauty of the stone. It is our pleasure to showcase the extraordinary carvings of: Edward Chiwawa, Richard Mupumha, Fanizani Akuda, Sylvester Mubayi and Locardia Ndandarika.



“One of Zimbabwe’s finest carvers.”

Locardia Ndandarika, Zimbabwe
Locardia Ndandarika, Zimbabwe


Born in 1945, Locardia Ndandarika developed a fondness for working with her hands, modeling clay as a child. Learn more about her journey from assisting her husband, to her emergence as one of Zimbabwe’s finest carvers.







“Among the top 10 sculptors of the 20th Century.”

Sylvester Mubayi, Zimbabwe
Sylvester Mubayi, Zimbabwe


Mentioned among the top 10 sculptors of the 20th Century in The Guardian in 1991, Sylvester Mubayi creates beautiful and compelling sculptures. Experience his culture and beliefs thru the story he creates in stone.







“Symbolism features greatly in Chiwawa’s work…”

Mastor Sculptor, Edward Chiwawa
Mastor Sculptor, Edward Chiwawa


Often described as a jovial and light-hearted man, Edward Chiwawa is known primarily for his minimalistic face sculptures. Symbolism features greatly in Chiwawa’s work – life and death, night and day. His art is stunning in it’s simplicity.







“Known for sculpting smiling figures.”

Fanizani Akuda, Zimbabwe
Fanizani Akuda, Zimbabwe

Fanizani Akuda is known for sculpting smiling figures and happy families. He has earned accolades world-wide, and exhibited in the most prestigious museums. Recognized for sculpting his trademark slit eyes and whistling lips, one cannot help but feel the joy emanating from his sculptures.





“My forefathers’ spirits…were highly talented artists.”

"Togetherness", Richard Mupumha
“Togetherness”, Richard Mupumha



“I am possessed by my forefathers’ spirits, who were highly talented artists…I feel very proud developing and continuing with the art tradition my forefathers passed on to me…this is part of our heritage.”






Event Hosting

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Put Some “Arty” In That Party

An unexpected venue for hosting your private event.

Tell Your Own Beautiful Story


Tell us about your event and we will send you a customized a quote.


Approve your quote or make changes, then pay in a lump sum or over time.


Your event, your way.


Service options and details are below.

Flexible Space

  • Seated reception or standing room
  • Ideal for up to 75 guests
  • Access to media center & more
  • Private bookings from 3 to 8 hours
  • Business or non-business hours

White Glove Service


1. Request a Quote

Contact Name (First Last)*

Event Name*

Event Date*

Event Time (start - finish)*

Service Options*
Preferred PartnersMenu AssistSpace Rental OnlyCommunity Event

Contact Email*

Contact Phone*

How did you hear about us?

“It’s your party… dare to enjoy it!”

Make an entrance with hands-off hosting options.  After all, it’s your party and you should get to enjoy it, not get bogged down with logistics.


Service Options

Preferred Partners

  • 30-Minute Event Cushion
  • Confirmed Floor Plan
  • Cocktail & Banquet Table Setup/Breakdown
  • Catered Menu & Meal Service
  • Professional Wait Staff
  • Program Assistance w Emcee & House DJ
  • Control of House Lighting & Microphones
  • Access to All Gallery Areas

Space Rental

  • 15-Minute Event Cushion
  • Working Gallery
  • Standing Room
  • Food & Drink Allowed
  • Control of House Lighting & Microphones
  • Access to Common Gallery Areas

Stress-Free Solutions for Every Rental

Music & Mics

Jan will not lose her voice tonight because she doesn’t have to shout to get the attention of her special invited guests.

Work That Room!


A well thought-out plan with personalized options for you and your guests, including full service for your event and tried and tested professional partners.  Customizable service options with catering & food service, live musicians, and photography.


A DIY rental includes with access to podiums, tables, chairs, our media center, and a tasty buffet.


Pop-in to the Gallery for a low-key reception with your friends.

Be your radiant, free self – just like a newly hung work of art

Kayla is a happy hostess because she didn’t have to do any grocery shopping, decorating or table setting!


We are located just off the beltway, with plenty of free parking for your guests.

Plus, ramps, hand rails and plenty of seating make our space accessible for those with difficulty walking.

Contact Us

Tell us about your event and get answers to your questions.


Cheers to The Feast

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Sunday, November 26th, 2017
2 pm – 4 pm


  • Connector.


    Participate in a traditional Umoja Karamu ceremony, including libation and reflection.

  • Connector.


    We share a delicious meal in the spirit of unity!

  • Connector.


    Raise the energy with when you beat the drum… or cowbell!

  • Connector.


    Do tell! Share a funny story, or a significant object with the group.

your seat at the table:

Reach Us

Questions? Reach us easily.

Contact Us

The Underground Railroad

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The Harriet Tubman Byway

"More than a century after her death, Harriet Tubman would still recognize many places in the Eastern Shore’s mosaic of waterways, forests, and fields."



  • Connector.

    Private Tour

    Fully guided tour of the ins and outs of Tubman’s hometown, hideouts and more.

  • Connector.

    All-Day Eats

    Get going with hot coffee and a light breakfast, then turn up the flavor for a gourmet lunch. Plus snacks and H2O are provided along the way.

  • Connector.


    A climate controlled coach bus.


  • Connector.

    The Wharf

    See one of the portals to slavery and a gateway to freedom at the Long Wharf

  • Connector.

    Local Shops

    Go inside Linchester Mill where Tubman shopped, and enslaved and freed blacks worked side-by-side

  • Connector.


    Go to the site of Harriet Tubman’s first act of defiance – the Bucktown Village Store

  • Connector.

    Agent Quarters

    See the home of Jacob & Hannah Leverton, Quakers and agents of the Underground Railroad

  • Connector.

    The Institute

    Visit the oldest Post-Civil War African American community built and run school, known as the Stanley Institute


Walk the Path of Moses Herself

See places and paths that Harriet saw, actually visit stops on the Underground Railroad.  See some of her hideaways and more! Register now to join us for a road trip across our beautiful state of Maryland on this early autumn day.  You will ride on a chartered coach bus to the Eastern Shore, for a five-star private tour of the Harriet Tubman Byway.

Talk with a historian!  A certified guide will give us a private tour of the byway.

Casual byway visitors may take a self-guided tour, but we will enjoy a hand-picked experience, led by a well-loved historian and park-certified guide.

You historians will especially appreciate our guide’s insights.  He is ready for our smart-minded group and has promised to share in-depth information, answer questions, and move beyond the footnotes of history.

Come ride with us.  Meet a friend with common interests and share another beautiful, monumental experience with us on Saturday, November 4th.

What is the Underground Railroad Byway?

We’re glad you asked! The Underground Railroad Byway is  marked as a national treasure, and pinponts important moments, milestones and places in the life of Harriet Tubman.

The Byway official website HERE.
Revisit our last bus trip HERE.

Guess Who’s Coming To Lunch?

We are almost as excited for the lunch as we are for the tour!  We dine together, enjoying a hot catered meal by Creative Creations BBQWe know your taste-buds will be pleased!

When We Say All Inclusive,
We Mean It!

Keep The Change Guarantee:
We promise not to nickel and dime you.


Some of the most inspiring things are resting right in front of us.  We are lucky to spend hours each day in a beautiful space that is full of inspiration and creative potential.  Among the inspirations for this journey, are wise words spoken by great Americans, shackles that bound us, plus more art and artifacts.

Lights On

Lights Out


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Help a Client Out

Looking for flexible payment plans?  Try our hassle-free options.

4 Payments

3 Months | 25% Down

$1000 min

3 Payments

2 Months | 33% Down

$750 min

2 Payments

30 Days | 50% Down

$450 min

Sip & Paint

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Call Your Girls…

Friday Night is Ladies Night!

Next Date TBA

* Must be 21 and older to attend

It’s A Sip & Paint!

at Serengeti Gallery

7919 Central Avenue,
Capitol Heights, MD 20743

301 808 6987

(coming soon)


“Walk into flowing drinks and abundant eats!”

“We like to start off the night with a Cocktail Hour”

Walk into flowing drinks and abundant eats – we like to start off the night with a Cocktail Hour.  Let go and let loose while you listen to great music, grab a drink (or two… or three), and prepare to create magic on canvas.  Mingle over a cocktail and catch up with a friend, or make a new one! 

Sample Menu
Cheese & Fruit Tray
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings
Roasted Red Potatoes
Penne w/Mozzarella & Tomato Salad
BBQ Chicken Sliders
Roasted Vegetables
Assorted Desserts, like Cheesecake, Brownies, Cookies, Fruit Tarts & more
Vodka Mint Limeade
Strawberry Margarita

Water w Lemon
Sparkling Pear Mocktail



“We provide the supplies, you provide the artistry.”


Kayla and James are just a couple of our guest artists, who lead you step-by-step through creating a technically sound, and aesthetically beautiful work of art all your own!  Say goodnight with a ready-to-hang original masterpiece for your home or for a loved one.

This is the piece from the last Sip & Paint


“Make yourself proud!”


Purchase your ticket at once, or reserve now but pay in 50% increments.
Flex-pay options are always available for early-bird registrants!


Return as early as the next morning to take home your masterpiece!


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Up to 3 pieces, within 10 miles of 20743.

“It is our pleasure to arrange the delivery and installation of your art..”Serengeti Gallery

What You Should Know:

  • Our standard rates apply for in-town services – within 25 miles.
  • Do you live far away?  Contact us for out-of-town-rates.
  • For corporate, or bulk services, please contact us.

(301) 808 – 6987


–  Delivery & Installation –

$4 / mile

+ $15 – $45 / piece

+ $10 ladder (if needed)



We are available on the following days and times, with notice.

Tuesday – Friday: 7:30 – 10:30 am

Sunday & Monday: 8pm – 5pm


A Simple Promise

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To exceed your expectations with beautiful artwork, plus tried and true customer service.

General Terms

We’ll give you what you asked for, when you asked for it, or better, or sooner.If we fall short, please let us know– we want to make it better.

Payment Terms

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[Online Terms : 25% Standard]

“SG”, “we”, “us” = Serengeti Gallery | “You” “your” = The Buyer

By choosing the “Pay Over Time” option, you agree to a four-month plan, wherein you pay for your purchase 25% at a time, according to the following simple terms:

Complete your first payment online.  SG will process the three remaining payments on a recurring monthly basis. Pay-off your balance early with no penalties.  Retrieve your art once paid in full.  Change of heart? Send us a written request (email is fine) and we will issue you a full store credit.  Should you default on a payment, we will try again shortly thereafter.  SG reserves the right to refuse or reverse any sale based on its own discretion.

  • What if I want to change my billing date?  Automatic billing begins one month after your first transaction, on the same day of the month.  Contact us after you’ve made the first payment and we will make the adjustment on your account then send you an email confirmation.  Note – any adjustment should  allow for a second payment within a 31-day period.
  • What if I want to pay with something other than a credit card?  We understand!  Make arrangements by visiting us in-gallery.  You may call ahead to discuss your payment preference: 301.808.6987


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“To me, art is an adventure into an unknown world of imagination.”Laurence Chandler
“Based in the Washington, D.C. metro area, Chandler is an American Painter and recognized figure in Contemporary Abstract Expressionism.”Serengeti Gallery


We have selected works that would speak to you, the collector– a colorfully abstract cluster of original works with varied subjects, styles and mediums.  You will notice several works that are part of a series.  This offers the collector several advantages, including an opportunity to balance-out an already eclectic collection, or offer structure to a budding body of works.  These curated works range from small canvases to large mixed medias on paper, and all works are expertly framed  by Serengeti Gallery.


Share with A Friend

Click On Any Image To Learn More.


“The Griots”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Mixed Media on Canvas
$1400 [$368]

“Paint Me Like I Am”


[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Mixed Media on Canvas
$1850 [$486]

“Paint Me Like I Am”


[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Mixed Media on Canvas
$1600 [$420]


“Rosa Parks:
Woman of Courage”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$795 [$209]


“Standing Up”

[icon type=”home”]Sold

Acrylic on Canvas

“The hallmark of my style is an emphasis on my own improvisational techniques and expressionistic use of color, line, form, texture and space to represent things that are not visual, such as an emotion, sound, place, event or spiritual experience.”LC

“Power to the People”

[icon type=”home”]Sold

Mixed-Media on Canvas


A vibrant, multi-colored mixed media on canvas.  The beginnings of “We the People” is visible in the lower portion of the image, atop an American flag.  People, both painted and printed, seen in the upper portion of the painting, with a predominant figure at the forefront with a fist raised toward a hot orange sun.

We bordered the image with a dark 1″ canvas liner and finished the look with a textured, deep brown, 100% wood moulding.

Relax… We’ll Make It Easy

Just 25% Down!

Owning your favorite original is simple, with these straight-forward payment options. LEARN MORE...

Delivery Special | 3 Pieces for Just $85

Skip the careful ride and the measuring tape!
Not only will we deliver your art to your door, we’ll hang it perfectly on your walls. LEARN MORE...



Works in Chandler’s series’ may be purchased as a set, or broken up to stand alone.

“Ancient Memories”


[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$725 [$191]

“Ancient Memories”


[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$725 [$191]

“My goal is to capture the essence of things unseen, and to draw viewers into my magical circle of creation.”LC




[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$805 [$212]




[icon type=”home”]Sold

Acrylic on Canvas




[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$805 [$212]


“Secret Garden”


[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$755 [ $199]


“Secret Garden”


[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$755 [ $199]




[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$715 [$188]




[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$715 [$188]

“Chandler’s works have been featured in ‘American Art Collector’ and ‘Washington Flyer’ magazines.”SG



“Legacy II”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

ONLY $395!


“Tribal Combs”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

$525 [$138]


“I allow the viewer to experience something of the thrill of ‘making’.
The experience is both visceral and cerebral… explosively energetic and pensive.”LC

“Rock Creek Parkway”

[icon type=”home”]Sold

Acrylic on Paper

“Take Time to Reflect, II”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Paper
$1800 [$473]


[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$850 [$224]

“Lessons Learned”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Mixed Media on Paper
$1150 [$301]

“Shadows II”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Mixed Media on Paper
$1150 [$301]

“Masks V”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Canvas
$795 [$209]

“I am always exploring new avenues of expression and work with a variety of media – fabric, wire, acrylics, paper or found objects.”LC
Buy it now, and have it home for the holidays! Learn More

Inspired by A Song

I have come to discover that my work relates to the rhythms and syncopations of free-form jazz and poetry.”LC

“Jazz Ensemble”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Paper
$975 [$256]

“Last Set”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Paper
$1650 [$434]


Dark purples and greens that cluster into a haze at the top of the paper contrast with sharp metallic triangles and curvy spirals at its bottom.  Just about every color in the rainbow is present in the vibrant, jazzy scene Chandler sets.  Notice the strings of the guitar, and bell of the horn, amongst countless details.

The paper is protected behind a UV protective glazing and bordered with a double acid-free mat.  The lines in the mat are repeated in the sleek moulding we paired with it.

“I value spontaneity and improvisation.”LC

“Got the Rhythm”

[icon type=”shopping-cart”]Buy Now!

Acrylic on Paper
$950 [$250]

Questions? Comments?

Contact Us
“Everyday is a celebration of life and a rich cultural inheritance.”Serengeti Gallery

Full Exhibit Montage w Titles…

Pumping Out The Speakers

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Good Working Music

Our creative projects vary extremely.  One day, we are hanging a small canvas painting on our wall, the next, we are designing a shadowbox for a treasured artifact.  A constant, however, is that nothing gets our creative juices flowing quite like a good record.  

Music is one of the most profound forms of art, and frankly one of our favorites.  Whether we’re on shuffle, or playing songs an album at a time, you can be sure something sweet is pumping out of our speakers.  

One of the treats about starting each day at the gallery is deciding which music to cue up.  We can create a cool jazzy atmosphere with the low hum of Nat King Cole’s sultry voice, or what feels like an Afrobeat dance party, courtesy of the booming vocals of Fela.


What genre of music do you like to play while you work?  Sound-off by leaving a comment below!

How to Preserve Your Canvas Artwork

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Rolling a canvas makes for easy travel.  But when you arrive at your destination, you will want7bh uv to display it.  What Now?  The good news is going from rolled-to-wall can be inexpensive.  The better news is that it is simple and fast!

“Stretching allows you to neatly display any canvas painting!”SG

The Gallery Collection

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African Artifacts

“The art of Yoruba, Bantu and other African peoples is extraordinarily vigorous and shows a brilliant use of geometric form.  The aesthetic impact of their works has been substantial, … with astonishing variety and expressive power of the art of a continent that contains more distinct peoples and cultures than any other.”

-Thames and Hudson

Man with Tools | BENIN

The collection features sculpture, including African statuettes and masks, also vintage dolls, bronzes and more. Browse a small selection below. See way more in person.


“African sculpture was scarcely known outside its own continent until late in the nineteenth century, but during the present century in liberating and refreshing effect on Western art has been immeasurable. African sculpture is highly developed and extremely sophisticated art form with thousands of years of history behind it… .”
-Frank Willett

Spanning over 20 countries and 200 years, our collection offers a hint about the past and begs a conversation on the present.

Bronze Statuette

Man Playing Flute, Bronze

Bronze Embossed Stool

Man on Head, Bronze

The Whistler, Shona

George Washington Carver Doll

Woman w Fruit

Wood Carved Stool

Horned Mask

Inquire Here:
301 808 6987


Our Collection

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African sculpture was scarcely known outside its own continent until late in the nineteenth century, but during the present century in liberating and refreshing effect on Western art has been immeasurable.  African sculpture ia s highly developed and extremely sophisticated art form with thousands of years of history behind it… .
-Frank Willett


Spanning over 20 countries and 200 years, our collection offers a hint about the past and begs a conversation on the present.


The collection features sculpture, including statuettes and masks, also vintage dolls, jim crow signs, bronzes, quilts and more.  Browse a small selection below. See way more in person.


Wooden Stool

Woman w Fruit, Bronze

Man on Head

Whistling Man Shona

Bronze Flutist

Embossed Bronze Stool

Man with Tools, Bronze

George Washington Carver Doll

 Horned Mask

Man on Head Bronze Bust


“The art of the Yoruba, Bantu and other African peoples is extraordinarily vigorous and shows a brilliant use of geometric form.”
– Thames and Hudson

The Art of Laurence Chandler

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Presenting the New Collection

– View In Person –

Walk-Ins Welcome 🙂
7919 Central Avenue | Capitol Heights, Maryland
301 808 6987

Get Directions

View Online


* View Full Collection Here *

“Colorful and uplifting, figurative and abstract.”

“Created with a mix of materials, including paint, fabric, wire, acrylic, paper and  found objects.”

“Inspired by some of his favorite artists – Sam Gilliam, Romare Bearden and Jackson Pollock.”

“To me, art is an adventure into an unknown world of the imagination. And, my goal is to capture the essence of things unseen, and to draw viewers into my magic circle of creation, allowing them to experience something of the thrill of ‘making,’ which once had been my privilege as an artist. The experience is both visceral and cerebral…explosively energetic and pensive. Like the early vanguard of Abstract Expressionists — among them, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko — I value spontaneity and improvisation, and accord the highest importance to process. The hallmark of my style is an emphasis on my own improvisational techniques, and expressionistic use of color, line, form, texture and space to represent things that are not visual such as an emotion, sound, place, event or spiritual experience. I am always exploring new avenues of expression and work with a variety of media — fabric, wire, acrylics, paper or found objects — which further enhances my expressionism. 

 I use both conventional painters’ tools — bristle brushes — and unconventional implements — spray bottles, hair combs and kitchen utensils. And, I have come to discover that my work relates to the rhythms and syncopations of free-form jazz and poetry, to visual ideas found in quotidian objects, and to various rhythms found in nature and the cosmos.”


LAURENCE CHANDLER  is a respected contemporary American abstract painter, recognized for his artistic intuition, improvisational and spontaneous technique, and expressionism.  His works seem to imitate free jazz and slam poetry– how they suggest narrative and provoke drama and human emotion.  Chandler’s canvases invite the viewer to become interwoven in each color-laced fiber.

"To me, art is an adventure into an unknown world of imagination." - L.C.

Photos from the Opening Reception

The slideshow may take a minute to load.

Serengeti Gallery is thrilled to feature beautiful works, and introduce you to the artists who create them.

About Gallery Events

There's nothing like the right mix of music, good people and beautiful art!
Get accustomed to having a good time at SG.

View Past Event Recaps

15 Ways to Decorate Your Small Space  

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It’s the Way You Make it Into a Home…

When you are in a small space, you may not have the luxury of positioning all of your belongings at eye-level, but you can still decorate with love and intention. Pounce on commonly overlooked areas in your house to create golden opportunities.

Add flare and functionality to your kitchen with a designer pot rack.
Looks or functionality?  Both, please!

Mirror, Mirror…

Every Space Is An Opportunity

The space above your kitchen cabinets is prime real estate.  Create a mini-display of your sculptures or memorabilia.  Incorporating family heirlooms (like this cookie jar), gives your display an irresistible personal touch.  Choose your lineup carefully– chances are it will be here for a while!  Hint* Keep your air filters fresh and you won’t have to dust nearly as often.

PRO TIP: If the tops of your shelves are in poor condition, take a trip to your local hardware store, or Lowes (but #notHomeDepot!) and get a plank of wood.  Stain it the right color, then mini-display-away!

When it comes to small spaces, mirrors are a must! At least one for each room.  PRO TIP: For a touch of elegance, take your angular mirror to a custom framer and have them add an ornate moulding around its current frame.  With this enhancement, the mirror will be a chunky original statement piece that you will love to look at for years.

PRO TIP: Frame It, For Memory’s Sake!

On the Wall

Cluster small works with large ones.
Because abstracts can be interpreted from near or far, they make good choices for higher-up display.

Don’t limit you wall-art collection to the obvious.  Frame a postcard from a best friend, a patch of memorable fabric , or even a book.  Whether you want to be able to see both sides of the notecard, or take the book out for reading from time to time, ask your framer for a custom design that will suit your needs.

Interested in Collecting?

It can be way easier than you think!
Here are seven tips on how to get started.

Learn How

Discover Your Golden Opportunities

Optimize Your Space, Enhance Your Mood

Go on and fool yourself– hang a painting of an outdoor scene at eye-level by your main entrance. We love peaceful street scenes with lots of blue. Your mood will be affected by this image, so make it a nice one!

Eliminate Clutter

Instead of a stack of magazines, try hand-picked coasters for your tabletop.  Place the themed coasters on surfaces throughout the room for balance.

We love mini-originals over and around an entryway.  Depending on the size, you can get lots of wall art in this space.
Create the illusion of space by juxtaposing elements of various heights.
Create a faux-nook with just a few key elements, including a lamp with a warm white bulb, a comfy chair, a painting and a plant.
“Complete your nook with a space rug and unique side-table.”

Boldness Demands Precision

When it comes to wall-display, spacing and balance are everything. Take all measurements, but take no shortcuts! Know your numbers or ask an expert for help.

Ask Us A Question

What is Your Best Space-Saving Decoration Tip?

About the Author


Hi, I’m Nuru Renee. I manage the gallery’s website and social media. I share articles and post pictures and videos on our Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages, as well. My parents are Mary and Wisson West, owners of Serengeti Gallery. My sister, Kadzo coordinates our events. I love getting your feedback, and sharing your insights with our team. Thank you for visiting! You may email me directly at, or use any online contact form.

7 Pro-Tips on How to Start Collecting Fine Art

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Building A Collection, Building Your Life

Being an art collector can seem like a daunting endeavor, but the good news is that it can be a “learn-by-doing” sort of thing.  It is both beneficial and rewarding  to begin your journey now.  You have to start somewhere, and these are seven tips for how.

Pro Tip #1

Ready or not, Start Now!

The single best momentum-builder for developing your strong portfolio is to START NOW!  Practice makes perfect and this is no exception, so ask lots of questions and fact-check along the way.   Start your adventure now, and as your intellect and emotional intelligence naturally develop, so too will your collector’s acumen.  Plus you will get super-satisfaction from seeing the evolution of your taste.

Pro Tip #3

Crawl, Walk, Run

A tendency is to overlook accessibly-priced works in favor of more expensive ones.  Price is not everything (see tip #2).  When you are ready to invest in a pricey work, do so with a mature understanding of your collection, the market, and how the new work fits into it.  Avoid paying top-dollar for those works which are being reproduced indefinitely: Always remember that “collectables” are those items which are limited in quantity.

Pro-Tip #2

It’s your collection – do what you want to do

Your collection should be a reflection of your physical and metaphysical self, and the arts is no place for conformity.  Hop on out of your box, and do not resist pieces that you find provocative.  Allow your subconscious to guide your eye, then step back and appreciate your inner perspective.  You will learn about yourself as you experience the growth of your art collection. (Artist David McKenzie is pictured above with one of his works)

Pro-Tip #4

Put some motion in your ocean

On the go?  Make time for an artsy adventure and stop by a local boutique or antique store.  Stroll through a market, or browse a nearby exhibit and buy a couple postcards from the gift shop.  You may find the perfect new-addition for your collection, meet a valued contact person, or be inspired by the local art style.  Buying art on-the-go broadens the geographical scope of your collection and also offers a pleasant backstory you will enjoy sharing for years to come (“I found this piece when I was visiting…”).

Pro-Tip #5:

ABP – Always Be Preserving

It is no secret that the condition of your artwork will play largely into the integrity of your collection (sun and water damage is seldom a value-enhancer for collectables).  So whenever possible, plan for the long-haul.  If you will be hanging a watercolor by the window, be sure it has UV protective glass on it.  If you are storing a poster, keep it off the ground to protect it from exposure to water or excess moisture.  When you are on the move, package and preserve your collectables.  Once you are settled, unpack and display them! If you would like to make an heirloom out of something, consider long-term preservation options; like a case for your autographed baseball, or a small shadowbox for your grandpa’s bible.

Pro Tip #6

Making Room is So Easy To Do

Building an art collection is a life-enriching adventure!  Making space is the least of your worries; in fact, it can be easy.  If you are not working with a whole lot of wall space, customize every inch (like above your doorframe, for example).  Not enough space for a large original? Save money and space with mini-prints and postcards (see tip #4!).  Bring your mini-print to life by adding a beautiful custom frame, and save money in the process.  Here’s how: Ask your custom framer for a suitably elegant moulding that is in-stock.  Add a super-thick white mat with a wide berth (also “in-stock”), and the postcard will pop off the wall!  Plus, by requesting all in-stock materials, the cost of your design drop.  That means more money left-over to frame your other postcards. 🙂   Repeat and see your well-designed space come to life with each new addition to the wall!

Pro Tip #7


Life imitates art, and diversity is key!  Define and expand your interests as a collector, by taking advantage of opportunities to look past your walls to explore other cool collectables.  Not only will they enhance the aesthetic, they will add character make your space that much more intimate and cozy.  We love incorporating quilts, custom furniture, and artifacts into our decor.

Collecting for Life, Collecting for Legacy

Are you creating a legacy through an art collection? We'd love to hear your tips and suggestions! Share your collector's story below.