“Havana School Days” [Brinille Eliane Ellis]

Brinille Ellis is a “Photo Griot” who captures images that independently communicate the subjects’ stories. Her primary purpose is to visually create an emotional and artistic connection with each viewer. Her images tell timeless stories of the celebration of culture…

Shots from Havana

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Brinille Eliane Ellis is a “Photo Griot”, capturing images which will communicate the subjects’ story.  Ellis’ primary purpose is to “visually create an emotional and artistic connection with each viewer”. Share this Post “Well-Traveled” would be the term for a person with as many stamps in their passport as Brinille Ellis. Senegal, Haiti, Pakistan, Turkey, France and […]

Emerging Artist Exhibit [Recap]

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ABOUT THE EXHIBIT Reception Photos         Artist Information A STORY ABOUT COMMUNITY, IDENTITY AND CULTURE This exhibit captures the unique culture and heritage of Africans of the Diaspora. Many artists submitted original works of art, 13 have emerged and will be featured during this upcoming exhibit. Cleanly curated by Serengeti Gallery, you can expect […]